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Process of the treatment development

During a development study we offer, sometimes every fortnight, up to 7 results in form of a graphic evaluation of the total toxic stress and the toxic organ stress.

Starting from this documentation individual therapeutic measures can be determined for each patient and you may present the treatment development in a convincing manner to your patients.

By experience it is known that chronic diseases require a longer therapeutic intervention, therefore our time span during a quarter of a year offers perfect prerequisites for a diagnosis of the treatment development of diseases which require longer treatment.

By regular blood sampling every fortnight, you will continuously receive current results. These results can be noted in the accompanying evaluation documents. The obtained development diagrams give you opportunity to discuss and control the development together with your patients. The HLB development diagnosis thus mirrors the therapeutic measures.

The following diagram shows an example of the 9 diagrams contained in the documentation of the treatment course (total toxic stress, stomach, intestine, kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, uro-genital tract, endobiosis stages) – development in time for treatment of a strong liver stress.

Grafik 2

Graphic 2:
The result of the treatment course in liver stress. Blood sampling 7 times every fortnight.

Interpretation of the diagram:

After an initial deterioration (two weeks after commencement of treatment), which may occur in a fundamental regulation therapy, the value for the liver stress drops below the critical threshold according to the example above.

When diagnosing the treatment course, it should be considered that the blood samples should be taken under similar circumstances (i.e. same time of day, in a relaxed atmosphere, not immediately after meals), please see below blood sampling.

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