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Stages of Endobiosis

Classification of endobiosis stages provides information about the degree of stress on blood. The following degrees of blood deterioration can be stated:

  • Endobiosis pre
  • Endobiosis positive I
  • Endobiosis positive II
  • Endobiosis positive III
  • Endobiosis positive IV

In comparison with the homotoxin- and phase thesis according to Dr Heinrich Reckeweg, the endobiosis stages correspond to phases of a disease manifestation.

The stages endobiosis pre and positive I correspond to the humoral phase according to Reckeweg, endobiosis positive II corresponds to the matrix phase, endobiosis positive III and IV correspond to the cellular phase. The biological cross-section is in the matrix phase. It indicates the limit of the transition from functional disturbances to manifestations in tissues and organs.

Endobiosis stages positive III and IV require a further diagnostic explanation.

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