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Graphic description

Our evaluation of organ stress is stated in graphic form.

Following many years of experience and feed-back from therapists, we have been enabled to classify the degree of toxic organ stress and the total toxic stress in two areas by the definition of a ”critical threshold”.

If the degree of toxic stress is above a value of 1.5 (critical threshold), we have reached a critical area (>1.5) which is particularly pointed out in the graphical evaluation.

Grafik 1

Graphic 1:
Organ stress which describes the body status.

Organ stress within the critical area requires immediate therapeutic intervention and should be further diagnostically clarified.

Organ stress below the critical threshold, but however existing there, has great benefit of targeted preventive medical measures.

If it is not possible to differentiate between intestinal and gastric stress, we summarize the stress of the gastro-intestinal tract.

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