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Documentation with illustrations

These pictures confirm the evident difference between healthy blood and blood with very strong toxic stress (Endobiosis).

Picture 1: Healthy blood
Picture 2: Unhealthy blood

The results of the blood tests differentiate the stress of the blood on a scale stretching from minor to very high stress.

0 = no toxic stress
1 = minor toxic stress
2 = moderate toxic stress
3 = strong toxic stress
4 = severe toxic stress

Healthy blood spreads evenly on the slide and has a homogeneous structure when it has dried, see picture 1. The pattern reminds of the macroscopic structure of cerebrum. The black coloured reticular threads are formed by the fibrin. The red spots consist of the clotted erythrocytes.

Picture 2 shows changes in the blood structure in unhealthy blood. The red blood cells are diminished and partly destroyed. The structure appears to be ”torn” and the fibrin net almost dissolved. In the empty space between the clusters of erythrocytes there are isolated blood cells and clusters of very small granules. Haemolysis has occurred.

The strength of the stress gives a first hint about unhealthy or degenerative processes in the body which are connected to specific organs or emanate from these.

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