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Proposals for therapy

Our laboratory offers a particular service by giving each patient an individual therapy proposal.

The proposal is also targeted towards a fundamental regulation of the body!

Healing of diseases with the meaning of a fundamental regulation, does not imply the removal of symptoms but healing means restoration of a lost balance.

The fundamental regulation includes:

  • Regulation of the acid-base balance
  • Regulation of the mineral balance (electrolyte balance)
  • Regulation of the fluid balance
  • Purification of the micro ecology in the organism

Fundamental regulation is carried out by:

  • Changing of nutritional intake to a vegetarian balanced diet
  • Removal of waste products from the organism by extruding measures
  • Regeneration of detoxicating organs (in particular liver, kidney, intestine)
  • Energetischer Ausgleich zwischen Überversorgung und Unterversorgung
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