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In ancient cultures the body fluids and particularly the blood revealed conditions of health. The homogeneity in the thousands of diseases of the humoral system was the basis for the therapeutic methods of physicians at the time. Knowledge about this complex is unfortunately lost in modern medicine. In our humoral pathological research laboratory we would like to revive this knowledge.

The humoral pathology is the ancient science about the genesis of diseases. This old disease concept was replaced in 1870 with the founding of the cell pathology by Rudolf Virchow. Since then the doctors consider the cell as the basis of the genesis of diseases. The outstanding position of the blood in the system is also particularly taken into consideration, because the blood flows through all tissues and organs. By excretion in glands and tissue the functional conditions of various organs is reflected in the blood.

As a supplement to your chemical laboratory findings we carry out HLB tests since 1988. The HLB test is a qualitative blood coagulation test which concludes the condition of the red blood cells, the circulatory capacity and the metabolism. The HLB test is an important complement to the blood diagnostics of Enderlein.

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